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Exam Dates

Exam Dates

CNO has experienced a severe ransomware (virus) attack which has curtailed the full functionality of their website. While they are working diligently to resolve the issue, here are answers to some of the common question you may have.

When is the next CPNRE RPN LPN Exam?

The next CPNRE exam will take place November 9 to November 29, 2020.
If you plan to write the exam in November, CNCAP’s CPNRE (RPN / LPN) Exam Preparation Course – can prepare for you for success. This class starts on October 10th. CLICK HERE for details and registration.

Can I register for the November 2020 CPNRE RPN LPN Exam?

Yes. However, you must wait for the CNO website to start accepting registrations. This will be sometime in October (as per CNO website). In the meantime, you can join CNCAP’s CPNRE (RPN / LPN) Exam Preparation Course and ensure your success at 1st attempt! CLICK HERE for details and registration. Classes start on October 10th.

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    Arnap Exam Dates

    ARNAP Virtual MCQ & In-Person OSCE Dates

    It is come to our attention that the next ARNAP exam date will be announced around the end of February 2023. We will keep updating this message as we hear more.

    Looking for help with preparing for the OSCE IENCAP ARNAP exam? Click here to view upcoming classes.

    Do you have any confirmed updates on the ARNAP exam dates? Please share it with us by email ([email protected])


    When is the next ARNAP Exam Date?

    It is come to our attention that the next ARNAP exam date will be announced around the end of February 2023. We will keep updating this message as we hear more. We recommend for students to monitor the CARNA, Touchstone and PearsonView websites regularly for any updates.

    When does the registration for the next ARNAP exam begin?

    Please contact CARNA, Touchstone or PearsonView

    When is the deadline for refund?

    The deadline for partial refund is 30 days before the date of your first exam component.

    What items should you bring to the exam?

    – Copy of your exam invitation that was emailed to you, either a physical copy or on your phone.
    – One piece of valid photo identification. Acceptable pieces of photo identification include; a valid passport, a valid driver’s license, or Canadian citizenship or permanent resident card.
    – Covid-19 Vaccination Certificate

    What items are NOT allowed in the exam?

    Examinees should leave personal belongings at home, if possible, as many items are not permitted during the exam and storage space is limited. The following items are not allowed during the exam:
    – Any electronic device, including cell phones, smart watches, tablets, computers
    – Pens, pencils, paper
    – Books, notebooks
    – Personal bags, wallets, purses, keys
    – Food, drinks
    Please note: All personal belongings will be collected at registration and stored until after the examination. Examinees are encouraged to bring as few personal belongings as possible. Once signed in, examinees will not be permitted to leave the examination area until all exam materials have been returned.

    What are the requirements to participate in the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Examination and the Virtual OSCE

    Following is the list of requirements to successfully participate in the online MCQ examination.
    – Access to a computer (desktop or laptop). This exam cannot be taken on a tablet or mobile device.  Dual monitor configurations are not permitted
    – A minimum screen resolution of 1024 x 768 is required; however, a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher is recommended
    – External or built-in webcam.  You must be able to move your webcam in order to show your surroundings
    Wired Ethernet connection to ensure the best exam experience and to reduce the risk of interruption to your internet connection (click here for more information on connecting to the internet via Ethernet). 
    – Ethernet cables at various lengths can be purchased here.
    In the absence of Ethernet connectivity, examinees need a strong and reliable high-speed internet connection of at least 10 Mbps upload and 20 Mbps download (please click here to conduct a speed test to confirm your connection speed).  Your exam experience will be dependent on your ability to maintain a strong Wi-Fi connection within your test environment.
    – If a wired Ethernet connection is not possible, the test space should be as close to your internet router as possible.
    – Devices that might interfere with internet speed/connection need to be turned off.  Live-streaming of movies or the playing of video games is discouraged.
    – Windows 8 or above or Mac OSX 10.13 or above
    – The latest version of Google Chrome
    – Download ZOOM application to your computer (for virtual OSCE only)
    – A quiet, private space with a table and chair to ensure confidentiality of exam.  The area must be clear of writing utensils, electronics, notes, etc. No additional people can be in the room.

    The above information is acquired from various resources including the Touchstone website which was updated on 02-04-2023 @ 5:30am. For up-to-date information please visit the Touchstone website