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OSCE Review

OSCE Review

Nursing OSCE Exam Prep Course February 2016


Nursing OSCE Exam Prep Course February 2016.

Today (Jan 10th 2016) we concluded the OSCE Exam Preparation Course for the January 2016 exam. It is always a pleasure to see the boost of in the confidence of the students by the end of thee program. Its almost like an ora of enlightment. We had the opportunity to capture this moment in a picture (see photo).

Some of the students comments included:

  • Prep class was really good and teacher addressed all my questions (Neethu)
  • Very helpful OSCE prep course for those attending Canadian OSCE (Lekshmi)

Now its time to get ready for the Nursing OSCE Exam Prep Course February 2016 batch.

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Date: Sunday, February 14th 2016
Time: 10 am to 6 pm
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