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I passed RPN Exam

I passed RPN Exam

RPN Exam Preparation Course

My first chance and I made it (RPN Exam Prep. Mississauga ON)

I want to use this medium to thank the both of you towards the success of my RPN exam. it was my first chance and I made it.

Thank you , words can’t explain my joy right now. I also hope other candidates were also successful.

However, it would be also appreciated if you can guide me in navigating jobs around.

Thank you again.

Kind Regards

Nnenna Omeziri-Duru
Mississauga, ON
RPN Exam Comprehensive Guidance Program – July 2016 Batch

RPN Exam Prep North York

Name:  Vergil Deposo (RPN Exam Prep North York, ON)

Clurse attended: RPN Comprehensive Guidance Program

Comment: I passed my CPNRE the first time! This is the first time I did CNCAP Review to its entirety!! I had an interactive review with the teacher and other reviewees in just 6 days. Do exactly what the teacher and her excellent instructions say and you will be successful also! Don’t skip one step of hers! Her study guide and test taking strategies will direct you to the right answer. Just discipline yourself and be ready to give your time and organize your study table. It does take a lot of time to do but it’s worth it!!! Thank you. YOU ALL ARE WONDERFUiL!!!


RPN Brampton ON

Name: Jasdeep Mann (RPN Brampton ON)

Course attended: RPN Comprehensive Guidance Program

Comment: I honestly couldn’t have accomplished it without you guys! I didn’t have much hope but the positive vibes from you and the teacher kept me going! I’m honestly so so so happy that I made the decision to get help from you. Thanks again! And I will definitely refer you to anyone and everyone.