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OA – REx-PN Exam Prep Course – Kanata ON

OA – REx-PN Exam Prep Course – Kanata ON

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This is to inform you that I passed my RexPn exam. I remember the day I called you to register for your program; I was so down and thought this day will never come. You gave me hope by saying “I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll pass”. Just before classes started, I told my children that I feel relieved and that I know I will surely benefit from this class. My husband without any hesitation supported and encouraged me to register for your program.
My sincere thanks to you and Ms. Reenu for your support and encouragement throughout the six weeks of classes, including my group colleagues. With Ms. Reenu, all I will say is that God bless her for sharing her rich knowledge with us. She did not just teach us to pass our license exam, but also strategies to use in our profession as nurses. The rich Knowledge she instilled in us will carry me through my entire professional life.
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Kanata, Ontario
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