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I would definitely recommend this class (NCLEX RN Exam Prep Hamilton, ON)

I would definitely recommend this class (NCLEX RN Exam Prep Hamilton, ON)

NCLEX RN Exam Preparation

Name: (NCLEX RN Exam Prep Hamilton, ON)

Course attended: NCLEX-RN Comprehensive Guidance Program

Comment: When I was not successful with the CRNE exam the first time, I was recommended to CNCAP. What was very helpful to me was the small class group and the discussion we had about the topics we focused on. Most importantly, they helped me gain my confidence back as I was very disappointed in myself for not passing. Concentrating on one resourceful book made life easier and brought success. I passed the exams now and I would definitely recommend this class to anyone who needs help and support to pass the CRNE exams. Overall, gaining my confidence, having a positive attitude, along with the guide and support they provided me helped me pass the exams. Great class!!! Thank you very much for all your help and support!!!

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