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ARNAP Exam Review (OSCE Alberta)

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Register NOW for our ARNAP Exam Review course for Internationally Educated Nurses in Alberta. Includes clinical scenarios, skill testing, practice station, multiple choice questions and more.


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ARNAP Exam Review (OSCE Alberta) – Objective:

CNCAPs’ Nursing ARNAP Exam Review Course will help you attain the knowledge, skills and competencies to be successful at the Alberta Registered Nurse Assessment Program (ARNAP).

This course is ideal for all who will be taking take the ARNAP by the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta – CARNA. This includes Canadian and Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN’s).

  • The session will familiarize you with the ARNAP process through an intense review of cases, clinical scenarios & multiple choice questions.
  • In addition to nursing skills, CNCAPs’ ARNAP Exam Prep Course will provide you with practice opportunities for therapeutic communication, professionalism, client interactions, ethics, language proficiency and comprehension utilizing standardized patient interviews.
  • Multiple Choice Questions, including a review of the rationales, will orient you to legal and ethical nursing standards as defined by CARNA.
  • Timed practical cases and theory questions will give you a close to real experience of the ARNAP , thereby boosting your confidence and time management skills.
  • CNCAPs’ ARNAP Exam Prep Course gives you an opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback and peer review.

ARNAP Exam Review (OSCE Alberta) – Strategies:

  • Introduction to ARNAP.
    ARNAP Exam Prep Jan 2019 batch

    ARNAP Exam Prep Jan 2019 batch

  • Strategies to help participants pass the ARNAP Exam.
  • Mock Exam – Multiple choice questions.
  • Mock Exam review and rationales.
  • Reviewing interpersonal/therapeutic communication and interview skills.
  • Case scenarios (mock) using students as standardized patients.
  • Refining time management.
  • Additional information & resources for Canadian Nursing Career & ARNAP preparation.

This exercise will give each participant an opportunity:

  • to perform physical examination
  • go through a complete history taking, including health teaching.
  • understanding the rationales and strategies for successfully answering the multiple choice questions.


1st Alberta Registered Nurses Assessment Program (ARNAP) prep batch in Calgary, Alberta

1st ever ARNAP Prep Course in Canada

  • This class is limited to 20 seats only.
  • Seats are allotted on a first come first serve basis.
  • All 20 seats must be full before this class goes live.
  • Should we not meet the necessary registration requirements, you may:
    • transfer to the next appropriate class available
    • cancel and get a 100% refund

* Following class dates are for the – JANUARY batch.

Saturday, December 14th 2019Calgary8 am – 4 pm (MST Alberta time)
Saturday, December 14th 2019Online8 am – 4 pm (MST Alberta time)
Schedule subject to change.



Classes are held in the conference room at: Holiday Inn Calgary Macleod Trail South 4206 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary AB T2G 2R7


Classes are held in the conference room at: Holiday Inn Edmonton 10010-104th St NW, Edmonton AB T5J 0Z1


Live – via Skype. You will be able to view and interact with the teacher and all other participants like you would in class. You will need a computer with Skype installed on it.


  • PHOTO ID with signature (for registration purpose)*. Drivers license or any Canadian government issued ID in conjunction with proof of signature.
  • Stethoscope*
  • A nice picture of yourself*. Recent Clear Picture preferably against a white/light background. This could be a professional mug shot, passport photo, your Facebook profile picture, your modeling portfolio etc. You can email this to us.
  • Optional:
    • Notepad, if you wish to take notes.
    • Scrubs – to maintain a professional atmosphere, we recommend for you to wear or bring along your scrubs.

What is NOT allowed:

  • No cameras, recording devices (audio, video, analog or digital), whether stand alone or built into your computer, phone, or any other devices.

5 reviews for ARNAP Exam Review (OSCE Alberta)

  1. Jerome Jacob (verified owner)

    Just so you guys know, the one day course that i took from you guys really helped a lot. The instructor who facilitated the review was really amazing, she boosted our morale before taking the Arnap exam. Jerome
    ARNAP Exam Prep Course, June 2017, Calgary AB

  2. Joan Gocela (Edmonton, AB) (verified owner)

    The review helped me a lot in terms of what to expect and what to focus on. I will definitely recommend CNCAP to people I know who may be taking the ARNAP in the future.
    Thank you,

    Joan Gocela
    Edmonton, Alberta
    ARNAP Exam Prep Course

  3. Freda (Leduc, Alberta) (verified owner)

    Would you recommend this course to others: DEFINITELY

    Freda Mina
    Leduc, Alberta
    ARNAP Exam Review (Online)

  4. Rebecca (Oregon, USA) (verified owner)

    Rebecca Tronsgard (USA), ARNAP Exam Prep Course Calgary, AlbertaThis course was very helpful in answering my questions about the “unknowns” of the ARNAP exam. I really appreciated the instructor’s communication and presentation. She made it easy to ask questions and she gave detailed answers.

    Would you recommend this course to others: DEFINITELY

    Rebecca Tronsgard
    Calgary, Alberta
    ARNAP Exam Preparation Course

    Rebecca is a nurse from USA

  5. Benjamin (Calgary, Alberta) (verified owner)

    Benjamin De La Cruz, ARNAP Exam Review Course Calgary, Alberta Student picThe ARNAP exam review provided me with vital information about the exam. The class provided me with many tips on how to go about the practical exam.

    Would you recommend this course to others: DEFINITELY

    Benjamin De La Cruz
    Calgary, Alberta
    ARNAP Exam Preparation Course

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