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RExPN Regulatory Exam Practical Nurse (BC & ON)
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RExPN Regulatory Exam Practical Nurse (BC & ON)

RExPN Exam

What is the Regulatory Exam Practical Nurse – RExPN Exam

Before you can become a Registered Practical Nurse (RPN – Ontario) or Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN – in British Columbia), you must successfully complete the Regulatory Exam Practical Nurse (RExPN). This examination measures the competencies required of nurses at the beginning of their nursing career in Canada

If you are registered in any province other than British Columbia (BC) or Ontario (ON), please visit our CPNRE Exam Prep Course

If you are an internationally educated nurse, consider enrolling in a program offered by an educational institution designed to help applicants to the College become familiar with current nursing practice in Ontario.

What is RExPN?

Practical nurse educators, clinicians and administrators from across Canada develop the exam with assistance from National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), which ensures the RExPN exam meets industry-accepted standards. Provincial and territorial regulatory authorities administer the exam within their jurisdictions and determine writing eligibility.

How is the RExPN exam administered?

The REx-PN exam is administered to candidates by computerized adaptive testing (CAT). CAT is a method of delivering examinations using computer technology and measurement theory. With CAT, each candidate’s examination is unique because it is assembled interactively as the examination proceeds. Computer technology selects items to administer that match the candidate’s ability. The items, which are stored in a large item pool, are classified by test plan category and level of difficulty. After the candidate answers an item, the computer calculates an ability estimate based on all of the previous answers the candidate selected. The next item administered is chosen to measure the candidate’s ability in the appropriate test plan category. This process is repeated for each item, creating an examination tailored to the candidate’s knowledge, skills and judgment while fulfilling all test plan requirements. The examination continues with items selected and administered in this way until a pass or fail decision is made.

How many tries do i have at the RExPN exam?

You have unlimited chances to successfully complete the RExPN exam.

How can we help you with your RExPN exam?

At CNCAP our goal is YOUR SUCCESS. Our RExPN Exam Preparation Course is designed to help you become familiar with current nursing practices, thereby preparing you for SUCCESS in your  licensure exams. Our courses now include a Computer Assisted Test (CAT). Along with helping you identify the levels of your knowledge, this test will give you a similar experience to that of the RExPN

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