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Exam Preparation Course

Exam Preparation Course for nurses in Canada

#1 provider for Nursing Licensure Exam Preparation Courses. This includes OSCE, CPNRE / RPN, NCLEX-RN, CELBAN, and Jurisprudence.

Courses we provide

here is a list of the courses we provide, followed by the difference between.


EXAM PREP: is a Comprehensive Program. You will go through the entire course content. This program generally runs for an extended period of time. EXAM PREP’s are recommended for students who are:

  • Attempting the exam for the 2nd or 3rd time
  • Internationally Educated Nurses (IEN)
  • Canadian Educated Nurses who are looking to boost their knowledge and confidence

REVIEW: aims to familiarize you with the exam and the experience of taking the exam. REVIEW’s include mock exams & rationals. They focus on developing your skills (critical thinking, time management, stress management and more) REVIEW’s generally lasts for a day or two. REVIEWS are recommended for:

  • Canadian Educated Nurses who have completed their education within the preceding 3 months achieving scores of 75% or higher
  • Nurses whom are confident that they have competed their studies and have good knowledge of the course content.
FREE: EXAM PREP students get the corresponding REVIEW for FREE!!!